About Us

 Shea Candle Co. is a woman ran, black-owned business. The idea behind this brand started with an obsession for candles, or anything that could make a room smell good, a post I had seen on social media and less than $3 in my bank account (sounds cliche but so true). I began to think of all the creative freedom I'd have starting this business. Freedom that I didn't always have in my career as a teacher. Creating this brand has allowed me to see myself outside of a career and the boxes that society tries to force onto people. In doing this I became inspired to create something that didnt just permeate a room, but made people feel good. Something that; through its rich scents, would intertwine with unforgettable memories, all while enhancing the aesthetics of a space. I'm thrilled to be sharing this with you all. Welcome to Shea Candle Co.